If you’re new to affiliate marketing, here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an affiliate?

Basically, becoming an affiliate is a way for you to make money while promoting somebody else’s product. All you have to do is sign up and add our links for the Alpha Male Advanced Workouts program to your web site, e-zine, newsletter, email blasts, or other online medium. Those links will include a special “affiliate link” which tracks whether or not somebody purchases our product after they clicked on your link. If the customer you send to us purchases our product, the purchase is tracked and we pay you a commission on the sale. So simple!

Do I have to do anything, like send the e-book?

No, you don’t have to do anything at all other than promote our product on your web site or other online medium. We do everything else.

Where do I get this special link that tracks my sales?

Clickbank is the leading provider of affiliate software and we run our program through them. You can find all the information on signing up on our main affiliate page.

When Do I get Paid?

All affiliate payments are handled by Clickbank. Click here to view Clickbank's accounting policies.

How much do you pay per sale?

The Alpha Male Advanced Workouts e-book currently sells for $39.95 (discounted off the retail price of $49.95). The package also includes two other e-books as well as free bonuses. We pay you a TOP rate commission ABOVE many others: a whopping 65% of the sales value (after Clickbank takes its cut).

Do you offer any upsells?

We plan to expand our product line and offer new e-books. We’ll keep you posted on all new developments – just be sure to sign up as an Alpha Male Advanced Workouts AFFILIATE, at the SIGN UP above!

How do I get started?

Just click on the “Affiliate Agreement” link on the left menu. Then click on the other links on the left menu and you’ll find everything you need to start making commissions!