Below you’ll find banners to use in marketing Alpha Male Advanced Workouts. Banners are an effective tool to drive sales, but they shouldn't take the place of substantive content like reviews or articles.


  1. RIGHT CLICK, the banner you want and choose "save picture as", then preferably save it to your desktop so it's easy to find.
  2. Upload the banner using FTP or equivalent to your server
  3. Insert the image on your webpage.
  4. IMPORTANT, hyperlink it using your Clickbank Hoplink. So, for example, http://YOURCLICKBANKNAME.jamesv32.hop.clickbank.net/(Replace the “YOURCLICKBANKNAME” with your ClickBank Nickname.)


Please DO NOT link these image locations to your web pages when placing them on your web site. You must copy them to your own webserver.


E-Book Images


Simply copy these images to your hard drive and upload them to your web site. They use transparent png format and will work on any color background. There are various graphics available, you are free to use whichever you feel is best for your audience. If you are not entirely sure, then we suggest you simply use the e-book covers. Although these e-book covers do create a high click thru rate, if you accompany them with a little descriptive text, (as below) that will increase your click thru's even further.

Covers add perceived value and give a tangible quality to a digital, downloadable product. The covers work best when they are used in addition to text ads, articles, written reviews or text links, rather than by themselves. Some suggested text to accompany the image on your web site:

"Body-Transformation gurus Eric Broser, Rick Collins, and James Villepigue have put their 60 years of combined industry experience together to create the newest, hardest hitting, most cutting-edge, scientifically-driven, result-producing workout program EVER introduced into the health/fitness/bodybuilding community! In only 10-weeks the Alpha Male Advanced Workouts program can incinerate your body fat, add pounds of chiseled, rugged muscle to your frame, and make you into a lean, mean MACHINE with maximal strength, power, agility and endurance!"