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Alpha Male Advanced Workouts Review

There are a thousand bodybuilding e-books out there and unfortunately, many of them aren’t worth the download. However, every once in a while a program comes along that’s so radically different, cutting-edge, and innovative that I am absolutely compelled to tell the world about it!! So here it is… The Alpha Male Advanced Workouts program is something completely new, a sophisticated yet easy-to-follow, science-based, “cross-periodized” training blueprint that can rapidly jack up your body to a whole new level of size, strength and definition in only 10 weeks! If you’ve been making only so-so gains or your progress has slowed to a snail’s pace (perhaps even stalled), or if you are chomping at the bit to to pump new intensity and excitement into your training, this is the system you’ve been waiting for!

What is Alpha Male Advanced Workouts?

It’s a training system consisting of 36 unique, muscle-igniting workouts. And while it’s highly structured it’s still flexible enough to give you enough options and alternatives to truly make it your own. This is the much-needed antidote to haphazard training, providing the user exercise sequence and choices, body part splits, total sets, rep ranges, rest periods and even repetition tempos, all carefully calibrated to push your progress through the roof! As mentioned, this system is “cross-periodized” so that you go through three distinct training phases over the course of the 10 weeks. The 4-days-per-week program is intense and challenging (it’s called “advanced” for a reason!), but has also been individualized into three specific “levels” based on your current condition so that the program can shock new growth out of your muscles no matter how long you’ve been training. Following up on the groundbreaking Alpha Male Challenge book published by Rodale, Alpha Male Advanced Workouts pushes the resistance training envelope even further. Trust me when I say, these workouts will get you JACKED!

Who designed the program?

Alpha Male Advanced Workouts was carefully designed by Eric Broser, James Villepigue CSCS, and Rick Collins CSCS, three certified fitness experts with a combined 60 years in the bodybuilding, fitness and physique-transformation world. These guys are built and smart, and all highly recognized names in the field of health, fitness and bodybuilding. Eric Broser is the developer and pioneer of the POWER, REP RANGE, SHOCK and FIBER DAMAGE/FIBER SATURATION training systems, which have been featured in articles in Muscular Development, Musclemag International and Iron Man magazines. James Villepigue is the internationally-known author of the Body Sculpting Bible series (1,000,000 + copies sold), and Rick Collins is one of the most popular writers and successful speakers in the bodybuilding and fitness community. Never before have three true industry heavyweights/”gurus” teamed up to pool their knowledge and introduce a revolutionary, integrated science-based exercise system that can quickly turn you into the lean, mean, muscular machine you have always wanted to be! These guys are the REAL DEAL, and the program they have formulated is both radically innovative and amazingly simple!

What’s So Different about the Program?

Most trainees will benefit enormously from taking a break from the same old workouts, so if you’re ready to try something different, this, my friends, is the program! Alpha Male Advanced Workouts takes the celebrated Alpha Wave Basic Training system presented in the original Alpha Male Challenge book and kicks it up to a whole new intensity level. The system was designed to help you burn body fat, build chiseled muscle, attain maximum strength and power, and forge the kind of body that grabs attention – all without giving up your day job to become a slave to the gym. It also incorporates “functional training” principles to help boost your explosive power and overall athleticism – the antidote to “all show and no go.” Broser, Villepigue and Collins believe that to get maximum results within minimum time, you’ve got to train not only harder, but also smarter. That means integrating unique types of training into your regimen, which, in addition to being greatly more effective, is also a helluva lot more fun. Because of Alpha Male Advanced Workouts’ “cross-periodized, tri-phased” design, each distinct “wave” or phase utilizes a different combination of training variables, but all three include the principle of progressive adaptation and are integrated into each and every Alpha Male Advanced Workout. The brilliance of the system’s overall design is the way in which gains from each phase are “carried over” into the successive phases. Its light-years ahead of other periodized training programs! The system is adaptable for men with varying physical fitness goals and widely varied backgrounds/ lifestyles and can be customized for each individual’s personal interests, preferences and physical limitations. So, you can give your workouts an extreme Alpha “kick in the butt” with a scientifically-based, easy to follow, multi-dimensional workout regimen that will have your testosterone (the manly, “alpha” hormone) skyrocketing off the charts without drugs or having to spend endless hours in the gym.

What do I get When I Order?

You download a 76-page multimedia e-book that fully describes the nuts and bolts of every aspect of the program and provides a color-coded chart for each and every one of the 36 muscle-chiseling workouts. The number and variety of exercises is highly impressive, and there are some little known performance techniques that will truly challenge your mind and shock your muscles. Since the program includes both familiar exercises and rare gems, every chart has multiple links to easy-to-follow exercise descriptions AND videos! That’s right: every single exercise is linked to a high-quality video (in two alternative viewing formats) showing the exercise being performed so that there’s never any guesswork on proper form or technique. The e-book also includes a special “Dynamic Warm-up,” which is so vital to preparing your body for the rigorous demands of these workouts – again, with full descriptions and videos of every component. Further, you’ll get nutrition guidelines (“Fuel Rules”) to help maximize your results, sections on effective cardio training (the revolutionary “Work Heart/Play Heart” system) and tips on how the right “Alpha Attitude” can boost your success into the stratosphere! Alpha Male Advanced Workouts is a must-have for anyone TRULY serious about getting into the best shape of his life…and FAST! The retail price is $49.95, but you’ll get it for $39.95 by ordering now!

What is the Alpha Male Advanced Workouts Log book?

The creators of this program have thought of everything to maximize your convenience ... and your results. They created a separate 90-page e-book called the Alpha Male Advanced Workouts Log book as a companion volume that you can print out and use while you train, one page at a time. The Log book contains each and every workout along with descriptions of every exercise all in one place, making it easy to print, fold, and carry the corresponding page in your pocket wherever your training may take you! You’ll easily see the sequences of exercises, number of sets and reps, and exercise tempos for every workout. Plus, the charts are designed so that you can write down the weights you used on every exercise, tracking your progress and creating a permanent record of your 10 week Alpha Male journey! The Alpha Male Advanced Workouts Log book retails for $25 and is worth every penny, but you can get it for FREE right now when you order Alpha Male Advanced Workouts!

Are there any Special Bonuses Offered?

Yes! In addition to the Alpha Male Advanced Workouts e-book and companion Alpha Male Advanced Workouts Log book, you’ll get the original Alpha Male Challenge logbook absolutely FREE. That’s a $15 retail value being offered as an ADDITIONAL BONUS! The original Alpha Male Challenge logbook corresponds to the original 3-workouts-per-week Alpha Wave Basic Training program in Alpha Male Challenge. If you’re pressed for time and want to try a training program that only requires three brief but brutal training sessions per week (27 unique workouts over 10 weeks), this e-book will help you track your progress and maximize your results. And on top of everything else, your purchase of Alpha Male Advanced Workouts gives you access to Eric, James and Rick as your personal success advisors – they’re only an email away if you have questions or need a few words inspiration!

So, to review: You get three separate e-books and access to all three creators of the system for only $39.95! That’s a $60 discount off a nearly $100 value!! Now, if that is not an amazing deal, then I do not know what is! Apparently, these guys really want to see you guys achieve the best shape of your lives! I am not sure how long this offer will last, so my advice is to take advantage of it today. You’ve got nothing to lose…but your love handles!